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RE: minneapolis

> Question: if it is possible to do pre-paid w/o new attributes & w/o
> rewriting RADIUS, what's the point of the rest when Diameter is
> certainly capable of supporting more complex pre-paid implementations.
> IOW, if the desire is to document the 3GPP2 approach, this doesn't seem
> to require a WG.

There appears to be a need for pre-paid in applications such as
WLAN in which RFC 3576 may not be implemented.  So being able to do
it without new attributes or requiring extensions makes sense,
particularly if the new attributes can be implemented within existing
RADIUS dictionaries.

However if the "documented" approach is not backwards compatible with RFC
2865, then I'm not comfortable with having that work done outside the
IETF.  RADIUS is fragmented enough as it is without defining new dialects.

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