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RE: On the other hand...


> If a business introduces a new product and the customers seem to prefer, or
> even demand the old one (remember "New" Coke) a smart business manager
> follows the market lead.

Perhaps the IETF will be a 'business' in the future (obtuse reference to
last nights plenary), but right now, I don't see the IETF's operation in 
this manner. 

> If the IETF were to design a "New" protocol designed to update and replace
> an older one and people still wanted to stay with the older one, for
> whatever reasons, would the IETF ever simply say "we may have made a
> mistake."

SNMPv2 vs SNMPv3, anyone?

> I don't propose to know what the metrics of acceptance or rejection of a
> protocol are, but we certainly cannot believe that a standards body, even
> the IETF, is above the possibility of error and that we would never
> introduce a turkey of an RFC.

See above.


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