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Welcome to the renewed RRG list



Now that many of you have signed up for this list, I would like to welcome you and to encourage you to get in involved in helping figure out what we should be doing. Let me start by giving a state of the research group.

While several of the efforts have been dormant or closed, one effort has continued working toward its goals: the Future Domain Routing (FDR) project. The project is engaged in (taken from the charter http://rr-fs.caida.org/) :

From the distributed computation theory, it is known that the scalability issues associated with routing in dynamic networks are directly related to the triangle of trade-offs between the routing table size, path length inflation (stretch), and convergence/adaptation costs (the amount of messages a routing algorithm generates per topology change, etc.). The term "trade-off" used here means that, for example, routing table size decrease comes with the price of increase of stretch. Such trade-offs are functions of a routing algorithm (aka scheme) and the network topology.

There are well-known scalability concerns associated with BGP stability and routing table sizes. In fact, the BGP adaptation costs were demonstrated to be unbounded (persistent oscillations, etc.). The main goal of this group is to find and specify routing algorithms that would perform better (in terms of trade-offs mentioned above) on realistic Internet topologies. The first step in this direction has been recently made: it was demonstrated that there are routing algorithms guaranteeing extremely small

Dima, the chair of the effort has promised a report in August on this effort. He has let me know that they are working on several papers that have come out of the research on the first goals of the project.

Two projects went dormant for a while but are now working to get on track: documenting the History of Routing Requirements and getting the report out on the Routing Requirements definition efforts.

One project never got off the ground: BGP Stability ( http://psg.com/~avri/irtf/BGP-stability-charter.html ), and one project has closed down: Ad hoc Network Systems Research Sub-group (ANS)

At this point, in addition to looking for a co-chair who can help me get this group energized, especially within the academic research community, I am looking for a few good projects that the members of this research group can get interested in; interested enough to actually participate.

In terms of meetings, I am planning to request a slot at IETF64. I will be inviting people to present on research work and ideas that can be brought into this research group. At the moment I don't there is enough call for anything longer then a few hours worth of discussions, but after some work gets done, I would like to organize a full day meeting in conjunction with an appropriate conference or technical meeting.

I also invite the subscribers of this list, to use this as a place to float and discuss routing ideas that are out of charter for IETF WGs or too speculative for the IETF routing lists. While subgroups can be closed or semi-closed, this list is open to all threads pertinent to Internet routing.

thanks a.

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