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FW: editors for L2TP based vpls and RADIUS as PE discovery mechan sim

RADIUSEXT friends,

Not sure it is relevant, but I figured you should know.


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From: Loa Andersson [mailto:loa@pi.se]
Sent: zaterdag 18 oktober 2003 23:49
To: l2vpn@ietf.org
Cc: Vach Kompella; Rick Wilder; Thomas Narten
Subject: editors for L2TP based vpls and RADIUS as PE discovery

Working Group,

in order to take the work started by Juha on an L2TP based
vpls and the use of RADIUS as PE discovery mechanism we have
assigned editors for these drafts.

Greg Weber will take on the editorship for


Mark Townsley and Stephen Bailey will act as co-editors for


Even though it might be a bit short of time to have updated
drafts in time for the Minneapolis meeting (take it as a
cahllenge :) ) we would like to have editor reports (issues and plans)
for the two drafts in Minneapolis.

Please join us in our thanks to Mark, Greg and Steph for their
willingness to take this on.

Loa, Vach and Rick.

Loa Andersson

Mobile          +46 739 81 21 64
Email           loa@pi.se

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