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Re: next step

> 1.Appling filtering opeartion at userspace,kernelspace,card (logical
> or physical interface) in both inbound & outbound direction with some
> matching predicates

I'm not sure I understand your point about user space, kernel space,
and card.  We should define what the filtering criteria are, but we
shouldn't take a stand on how/where the operation is implemented.

> 6.Filtering doesnt alone act as a pointer to sampling but 
> also to expose DoS attack,classify packet,rate limiting .

Sorry, I didn't understand this point.  What do you mean by "act
as a pointer to sampling" and "expose Dos attack"?  The filtering
we are discussing is really "selection" (in fact, maybe we should
avoid using the term "filter" because it seems to confuse people
on this point).  As far as I understand it, psamp would not take
any *actions* that would affect the flow of traffic in any way.
Rather, psamp is just recording measurement records for the packets
that are selected and sampled.

-- Jen

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