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RE: NIM requirements/conventions (was Re: Methods in the NIM requirements)

It would seem that we are converging on guidelines.

> Wow, I have been trying to not add to the "methods" mails, 
> and I get pulled
> in by reference :-).  I still strongly believe that methods 
> are required and
> think that Joel Halpern gave one of the best explanations of 
> methods and
> mappings (at least for SNMP) ... "There are a number of SNMP 
> objects which
> exist as mechanisms to represent operations in a pure 
> attribute syntax.  If
> one is trying to represent those
> operations in a Network Information Model (when they belong 
> in the model)
> then I would hope that one would use operations / methods rather than
> attributes."
I have already asked Joel to provide specific examples so that we can
correctly represent the specific characteristics that explain the
appropriate use of methods in the guidelines and the implications on