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   We would like to use the new VLAN ID TCs in this document but have a
question about the meaning of the 4095 value.  The following is from an
append to this mailing list in July, 2003:

   I agree that no changes are required to clause 12 of 802.1Q.


   "C. M. Heard" <heard@pobox.com>@ietf.org on 07/06/2003 04:07:22

   Sent by:  bridge-mib-admin@ietf.org

   On Fri, 6 Jun 2003, in a message forwarded by Bert Wijnen,
   Tony Jeffree wrote:
   > We have concluded that the use of 4095 as a wildcard is
   > acceptable to 802.1, and we will make any necessary changes to
   > 802.1Q in due course to relax the current stated restriction.
   > However, we need to know whether that is all that needs to be
   > done to 802.1Q - i.e., is there any need to change our
   > definitions of the managed objects in the document (Clause 12)
   > to reflect the interpretation of 4095 as a wildcard, or is this
   > simply an issue for the SNMP machinery to handle?

   After a quick look at 802.1Q-1998, 802.1u-2001, and 802.1v-2001 it
   appears to me that no changes are required to clause 12 of 802.1Q.

   Can any Bridge-Mib folk confirm that?


Given this update, is the referenced IEEE spec being updated to state that
4095 is a valid VLAN ID value?  Or it is just going to indicate that 4095
can be used by SNMP as a valid VLAN ID value, to mean _any_ VLAN ID value
from 1-4094?  Thanks!

Kristine Adamson
IBM Communications Server for MVS: TCP/IP Development
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